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Elica EMT636SS Metoerite 36In - 600 CFM 4 Speed Internal Blower

New in Box, Stainless Steel, Elica, 36 inches, Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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Elica EMT636SS Metoerite 36In - 600 CFM 4 Speed Internal Blower - Factory fresh, boxed and never used

36 Inch Wall Mount Chimney Hood with 550 CFM, Sensor Technology, Perimeter Aspiration, Ambient Lighting, Long Life Filter, Top Performance, Wireless Connectivity, Tune-White and LED Light


Sensor Technology
Some Elica range hoods come equipped with a sensor that measures temperature and the amount of moisture, grease and vapers generated by the cooktop. The hood analyzes the readings and automatically adjusts the blower to achieve top ventilating performance
Perimeter Aspiration
First developed by Elica, this technology literallyturned the market 45 degrees and opened the doorto hoods that could be mounted on the wall likepicture frames. The technology draws air through a narrowed channel around a face plate, which increases suct
Ambient Lighting
Elica studies on hood lighting leaves no stone unturned. Here we have thought about products not only able to light the cooktop, but the entire kitchen space. And so the hood is transformed: from a kitchen appliance to a true lighting element. Considering
Long Life Filter
In this case, the plus is a very efficient, one-of-a-kind odour filter, capable of regenerating itself and of lasting up to 3 years, while standard ï¬lters have an average life between 3 to 6 months. To maintain these characteristics, the ï¬lter only re
Top Performance
Excellent performance for models equipped with this plus. High fume capturing capacity with an average aspiration range of 600 CFM's. With a noise level between 60-65 db(A) at maximum speed (reference point varies based on the hood category).
Wireless Connectivity
The wireless connection ensures constant communication between the induction cooktop and the cooker hood. Usage information of the cooktop (activated zones, cooking power and presence of pots) are transmitted in real time to the hood that processes them.
A unique feature that enables the user to adjust the shade of white light generated by the range hood. Elica's LED light strip has the GK Changing feature, which adjusts the temperature of the LED's and ultimately the shade of white light generated. From
LED Light
LED lighting is undoubtedly the smartest solution in terms of energy saving. Expected life time of over 20.000 hours, represents the most remarkable advantage of LED light bulbs.
    helps reduce fan noise

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New in Box
Stainless Steel
36 inches
Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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