Falmec/Airmec Hoods

Falmec's fascinating history is typical of north-eastern Italian businesses: beginning from the intuition of its founders - Danilo and Maurizio Poser - and a specific market demand, it has transformed from a semi-artisan company to a real industrial leader, creating innovative products and designs, in which technological advances merge with the most sophisticated style.

Over 130 employees work in Falmec's manufacturing facilities, and our research and development office works every day to identify new technologies and new market segments; with a production of over 130,000 units per year, Falmec distributes its products worldwide, and its turnover is essentially balanced between the domestic market and exports. Today, Falmec is housed in a highly automated, 29,000 square metre production facility that was recently expanded. The company currently manufactures over 700 different versions of over 100 models. From processing steel to powder coating the insides, from sound absorbent chambers to the highest quality materials, today, Falmec cooker hoods represent the sector's industrial standard.

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