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New - Out of Box with No Cosmetic Damage (Actual pictures available upon request), Stainless Steel, Asko, 24 inches, Manufacturer's Warranty, No Cosmetic

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Asko D5654XXLHS XXL PREMIUM DISHWASHER FULLY INTEGRATED CONTROLS STAINLESS - Out of box not used operational and no cosmetic damage

AquaLevel Sensor

Our sensors work together intelligently to ensure an optimum water level in the machine.

The sensors detect when the quantity of water exactly matches the program you have selected, and it always lets in the right amount of water regardless of the water pressure in your pipes.

Also, the sensors monitor the entire wash process and remedy any shortcomings during the program.

If, for example, you wash a large plastic bowl which gets turned over and fills up with water, reducing the amount of effective water in the dishwasher, the machine immediately adds new water to ensure the full cleaning result.

The sensors also make sure that the dishwasher does not start should you happen to forget to turn the water on.

Turbo Drying

ASKO's fan-dry system gets the load completely dry. After the final rinse, the moist air in the dishwasher is mixed with dry air from outside, and the machines dries completely.

ASKO's fully integrated machines also have this drying system, which is quite uncommon on the market.


To eliminate the risk of flooding in the kitchen we have developed AquaSafe, an advanced water safety system encompassing up to 16 different points, all of which help to ensure a leak-safe dishwasher.


This dishwasher is also Kid Safe since it is possible to lock the buttons on the control panel. This is to prevent any small fingers from starting the machine or altering any settings.

Steam Safe

Thanks to ASKO's condensation and cooling channel, which leads steam away through a concealed nozzle, no hot steam blows out from the panel which can otherwise cause scalding (or ruin the worktop). There is also an anti steam-puff shield should you open t

18.9 Steel

The dishwasher environment is extremely basic. This means that the machine can start rusting easily. An ASKO doesn't since we use non-magnetic 18.9 high-quality stainless steel in all parts that come in contact with water.

XXL Dishwashers

The XL dishwasher series has one of the largest capacities on the market.

The internal loading height of 58 cm makes room for larger plates and taller glasses.

It also means you can load 40% more dishes compared to a standard dishwasher.

The smart four level rack system with the unique middle rack affords endless possibilities.

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New - Out of Box with No Cosmetic Damage (Actual pictures available upon request)
Stainless Steel
24 inches
Manufacturer's Warranty, No Cosmetic

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