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Display - Handled but No Major Cosmetic Issues (Actual pictures available upon request), Overlay (Accept a wood panel), Fhiaba, 30 inches, 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

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Fhiaba I7491TGT6IU 30" BOTTOM FREEZER OVERLAY RHH - Out of box display item, not used, operational and no cosmetic damage

24" Deep Built-In Full Overlay


Total - 13.1 Cu. Ft.

Fridge - 6.8 Cu. Ft.

Fresco - 3.3 Cu. Ft.

Freezer - 3.0 Cu. Ft.

Total NoFrost

Fhiaba's Total NoFrost is a 100% automatic system that eliminates the need for Fridge and Freezer defrosting.

Dual Bottom Compressor System

4" or 6" Toekick Option

TriPro Refrigeration

Maximum freshness is guaranteed when each food product is preserved at the correct temperature and humidity levels.

Ensures optimum preservation conditions thanks to the efficient separation of the Fridge, Fresco and Freezer compartments.

Two cutting-edge compressors and three evaporators ensure continuous operation, maximum silence and energy savings.

TriMode Freezer Drawer

Can change to fridge or Fresco-Crisper.

Fridge, Fresco or Freezer: simply select the desired function through Fhiaba Access menu to modify the operating mode of the Bottom-Drawers.

A versatile TriMode function allows for an extremely flexible management of the preservation environments, particularly when more units are installed.

ProVent Convection Cooling System

Correct food preservation conditions and maximum energetic functionality are guaranteed also by the ProVent ventilation system.

Provides even distribution of cold air by laterally circulating the airflow.

It is therefore possible to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the compartments, allowing better food preservation conditions.

Fresco Colder/Humid Option

A dedicated compartment with controlled temperature and humidity levels.

Developed to guarantee an ideal preservation environment for fresh foods, delicacies and gourmet foods.

Two spacious Fresco stainless steel drawers.

Prevents the dispersion of cold air, the diffusion of odor and the cross-contamination between different compartments.

Allows for high quality preservation of fresh produce, meats and fish.

Anti-Microbial Micropeened Stainless Steel Interior

OptiView Bright Interior LED Lighting System

OptiView lighting system uses modern LED technology to ensure an optimal view of the interiors.

Two LED arrays light the refrigerator compartment from above.

While individual spot lights illuminate directly distinct areas of the fridge compartment, Fresco and TriMode drawers.

Built-In Filtered Ice Maker System with Sensor For Ice Production

All models for food preservation are equipped with an automatic Ice Maker, connected directly to the water line.

Ice cubes are always clear, odorless and tasteless thanks to the water filtering system installed in the fridge compartment.

The ice cube tray is positioned in a dedicated area of the bottom drawer, separated from all other preserved items.

A sensor controls the level of ice cube in the dedicated tray.

Stops and starts ice production according to the amount of ice cubes collected in the drawer.

Soft Close Crisper Drawer Glides

EquiLance Auto Leveling Dual Movement Integrated Door Hinges

EquiLance is the dual-movement hinge which combines technical innovation and design.

It is protected by international patent like all Fhiaba original solutions.

The self-balancing movement guarantees stability and resistance to infinite openings and above all allows for integrated, flush installation.

Fhiaba Access Touch Glass Controller with Date and Time

Advanced electronic technology manages and monitors the entire refrigerator operations.

While the digital displays show the actual temperatures of the Fridge and TriMode compartments.

As well as the date and time, thanks to the RealTime Clock system.

Through the soft-touch control panel users can access the interactive menu to select the several available functions.

And customize the operation of the refrigerator according to personal needs.

The user is alerted of any uncommon situation through text messages appearing on the display.

Multiple Pre-Programmed Modes

Vacation Mode

Raises temp to 57.2° for long term getaways (remove sensitive foods prior to use).

Shopping Mode

Lowers temp to 35.6° for 12 hours.

Bottle Cooler

Can program alarm from 1 - 45 minutes when beverages are placed in freezer.

Ice Maker

Choose large or medium size.

Sabbath Mode

Split Even Lift Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel Shelving

Managing compartments organization and the functionalities of Fhiaba's preservation systems is extremely easy.

Its unrivalled flexibility has been developed to reach high levels of adaptability to modern life needs.

Thanks to EvenLift shelves, the interior set up of the Fridge compartment can be re-organized in a fast and simple manner.

Adapts to specific preservation needs.

Bulky foods or containers easily and quickly find room in the compartment.

The patented sliding shelves can be adjusted at any height without removing them.

Transforms the fridge interior in an organized and versatile space.

Adjustable Temperatures

Refrigerator - 33.8° - 44.6°F (Recommended 37°F)

Fresco - 28.4° - 35.6°F (Recommended 32°F)

Freezer - 8.6° - -9.4°F (Recommended 0°F)

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Display - Handled but No Major Cosmetic Issues (Actual pictures available upon request)
Overlay (Accept a wood panel)
30 inches
90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

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