A trash compactor is an appliance designed to fit under the countertop in a kitchen, much like the dishwasher and stove. A trash compactor contains a motor and what appears to be a regular trash can. The motor operates a press that pushes down, or compacts, what’s been thrown away so that trash doesn’t have to be emptied so frequently. There are a number of reasons to consider using a trash compactor.

Keep trash neat. Without a trash compactor, garbage and trash can pile up quickly in a home, requiring frequent trips to the outdoor trash cans that are left for garbage workers to pick up. The trash compactor compresses whatever has been thrown away in a neat, easy to carry form, with no mess at all.
Use fewer trash cans. With compacted trash, you can put double or triple the normal amount of trash into a can for outside pickup. You may not have a need for a second or third trash can that may have been regularly filled before getting the trash compactor.
Convenience. A trash compactor reduces the number of trips to take loaded kitchen trash cans to the garbage can outdoors. A compactor can also reduce the number of times animals get into trash cans because smelly trash doesn’t have to sit in an outdoors can as long.

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