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New in Box, Overlay (Accept a wood panel), Fhiaba, 36 inches, Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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Fhiaba I8991TGT6IU 36inch BOTTOM FREEZER GLASS DOOR OVERLAY RHH - Factory fresh boxed and never used

Optional Accessories

Anti Tilt Kit Short (B04000200)

Anti Tilt Kit Long (B04000900)

36" Pro Freezer Handle (HO8)

Pro Refrigerator Handle (HV)

Joining Anti-condensing Foam (KAC16)

Joining Integrated Kit (KCCITU)

36" Stainless Steel Front Kit for Glass Integrated Units (PINOX899TGU)

    24" Deep Built-In Full Overlay


  • Freezer - 3.9 Cu. Ft.
  • Fresco - 4.3 Cu. Ft.
  • Fridge - 8.0 Cu. Ft.
  • Total - 16.2 Cu. Ft.

    Total NoFrost

  • Fhiaba's Total NoFrost is a 100% automatic system that eliminates the need for Fridge and Freezer defrosting. Dual Bottom Compressor System 4" or 6" Toekick Option

    TriPro Refrigeration

  • Ensures optimum preservation conditions thanks to the efficient separation of the Fridge, Fresco and Freezer compartments.
  • Maximum freshness is guaranteed when each food product is preserved at the correct temperature and humidity levels.
  • Two cutting-edge compressors and three evaporators ensure continuous operation, maximum silence and energy savings.

    TriMode Freezer Drawer

  • A versatile TriMode function allows for an extremely flexible management of the preservation environments, particularly when more units are installed.
  • Can change to fridge or Fresco-Crisper.
  • Fridge, Fresco or Freezer: simply select the desired function through Fhiaba Access menu to modify the operating mode of the Bottom-Drawers.

    ProVent Convection Cooling System

  • Correct food preservation conditions and maximum energetic functionality are guaranteed also by the ProVent ventilation system.
  • It is therefore possible to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the compartments, allowing better food preservation conditions.
  • Provides even distribution of cold air by laterally circulating the airflow.

    Fresco Colder/Humid Option

  • A dedicated compartment with controlled temperature and humidity levels.
  • Allows for high quality preservation of fresh produce, meats and fish. Anti-Microbial Micropeened Stainless Steel Interior
  • Developed to guarantee an ideal preservation environment for fresh foods, delicacies and gourmet foods.
  • Prevents the dispersion of cold air, the diffusion of odor and the cross-contamination between different compartments.
  • Two spacious Fresco stainless steel drawers.

    OptiView Bright Interior LED Lighting System

  • OptiView lighting system uses modern LED technology to ensure an optimal view of the interiors.
  • Two LED arrays light the refrigerator compartment from above.
  • While individual spot lights illuminate directly distinct areas of the fridge compartment, Fresco and TriMode drawers.

    Built-In Filtered Ice Maker System with Sensor For Ice Production

  • A sensor controls the level of ice cube in the dedicated tray.
  • All models for food preservation are equipped with an automatic Ice Maker, connected directly to the water line.
  • Ice cubes are always clear, odorless and tasteless thanks to the water filtering system installed in the fridge compartment.
  • Stops and starts ice production according to the amount of ice cubes collected in the drawer. Soft Close Crisper Drawer Glides
  • The ice cube tray is positioned in a dedicated area of the bottom drawer, separated from all other preserved items.

    EquiLance Auto Leveling Dual Movement Integrated Door Hinges

  • EquiLance is the dual-movement hinge which combines technical innovation and design.
  • It is protected by international patent like all Fhiaba original solutions.
  • The self-balancing movement guarantees stability and resistance to infinite openings and above all allows for integrated, flush installation.

    Fhiaba Access Touch Glass Controller with Date and Time

  • Advanced electronic technology manages and monitors the entire refrigerator operations.
  • And customize the operation of the refrigerator according to personal needs.
  • As well as the date and time, thanks to the RealTime Clock system.
  • The user is alerted of any uncommon situation through text messages appearing on the display.
  • Through the soft-touch control panel users can access the interactive menu to select the several available functions.
  • While the digital displays show the actual temperatures of the Fridge and TriMode compartments.

    Multiple Pre-Programmed Modes

  • Vacation Mode Raises temp to 57.2° for long term getaways (remove sensitive foods prior to use).
  • Raises temp to 57.2° for long term getaways (remove sensitive foods prior to use).
  • Shopping Mode Lowers temp to 35.6° for 12 hours.
  • Bottle Cooler Can program alarm from 1 - 45 minutes when beverages are placed in freezer.
  • Lowers temp to 35.6° for 12 hours.
  • Can program alarm from 1 - 45 minutes when beverages are placed in freezer.
  • Ice Maker Choose large or medium size.
  • Choose large or medium size.
  • Sabbath Mode

    Split Even Lift Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel Shelving

  • Adapts to specific preservation needs.
  • Bulky foods or containers easily and quickly find room in the compartment.
  • Its unrivalled flexibility has been developed to reach high levels of adaptability to modern life needs.
  • Managing compartments organization and the functionalities of Fhiaba's preservation systems is extremely easy.
  • Thanks to EvenLift shelves, the interior set up of the Fridge compartment can be re-organized in a fast and simple manner.
  • The patented sliding shelves can be adjusted at any height without removing them.
  • Transforms the fridge interior in an organized and versatile space.

    Adjustable Temperatures

  • Freezer - 8.6° - -9.4°F (Recommended 0°F)
  • Fresco - 28.4° - 35.6°F (Recommended 32°F)
  • Refrigerator - 33.8° - 44.6°F (Recommended 37°F)

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New in Box
Overlay (Accept a wood panel)
36 inches
Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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